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Discover Paris, a great capital of European culture:

From gothic masterpieces to the splendour of  Versailles.
Philosophical cradle of major currents of thought, from Enlightenment to Existentialism, from Voltaire to Sartre, and theatre stage from Molière to Artaud.
Madame de Stael’s salon and the Montmartre of Impressionists, the room in which the Lumière brothers presented the cinema for the very first time and the multiethnic, colourful Belleville of Pennac’s novels.

 Notre Dame Paris

Notre Dame
The Notre Dame Cathedral, from its location on a small island in the middle of the Seine, has witnessed numerous historical events.

 Louvre Paris


The Louvre
One of the world’s oldest and richest museums, with regular painting and sculpture exhibitions. Today the museum counts as many as 225 galleries and about 400 thousand items, including the collection of royal jewellery and rich collections of paintings.


 Versailles Paris


The Royal Palace of Versailles is the former residence of the French kings, and a symbol for the power and prosperity of the French kingdom, whose legacy is still visible in its palaces and parks. The main elements are Neptune’s pool and the Grand Canal. In the north-west part of the park are two palaces – the Small Trianon and the Great Trianon.


 Monmartre Paris


Montmartre remains one of the most picturesque districts of Paris, the centre of artistic life. All artists, more and less known alike, have left their mark on Montmartre with their creations.


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